Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Vintage Finds!

As promised, here is a necklace featuring those adorable white vintage swirl links. I'm pretty tempted to keep it, but I feel as though I should share its awesomeness with etsy shoppers! :)

I harvested the chain from other vintage jewelry as well. I am currently working to clean, restore, and repurpose a multi-layer chain necklace. It's definitely a statement piece. Very very long, and has a variety of different lengths of chain. The chain used in the white swirl necklace came from the multi-layered one, as it was broken, and no longer long enough to work for its original necklace.

I refitted the multi-layer necklace with gold plated chain, to contrast with the matte vintage chain. It's definitely going to be very exciting looking. Keep an eye out!

Today I listed a vintage braided bracelet as well as vintage enamel unicorn earrings. Very cute! I wasn't sure what the metal was for the bracelet, but it reacted after being cleaned and placed in liver of sulphur. I am thinking it is most likely silver or silver plated. Sigh, I love each and every piece I make. It can be so hard to part with something and sell it. At the same time, it is a pretty cool feeling to know that people who aren't my mother like my designs and are wearing my work right now!

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