Sunday, September 13, 2009

Felted Fun! Phase 2

This morning I began sewing my little cat applique on to the outside layer of my laptop case! I lightly glued down the cat first, and then began sewing around the edges. My trusty bottle of FrayCheck came in handy again also, as the edges tends to get a bit fuzzy with a more detailed cut out. I will say that it is pretty difficult to sew through 2 layers of felt with a larger needle. My hands were pretty tired, but I feel like the result came out nicely! Here is a picture of the cat (sewn down) and some of my supplies.

I was pretty excited to have found such a bright yellow zipper to match my case. Unfortunately, the cats felt whiskers fell off while I was trying to sew it to the case exterior.
I had not tried to make such a small cut out before, and apparently it doesn't work well. I am thinking I may just pick up some yellow embroidery floss and create the whiskers that way. If anyone has any suggestions for the whiskers, let me know!


  1. That's adorable. I would say just use some big thread. I'm not a sewer so I don't know the terms...but big black thread in stitches like those holding the cat would be cute as whiskers.



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